Broer & Zus

Van Woustraat 42 1073 LM, Amsterdam

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Age 0 - 12

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It is often a big expense to buy children's clothing. Children grow fast, play a lot and clothes break easily. Roos - founder of Broer & Zus - realizes this very well, as a mother of 2 daughters. Or you just bought something, super happy with it and your child doesn't like it anyway. It then remains in the cupboard. Sin. Roos therefore chooses her collections with great care and attention. She mainly thinks about the wishes of your child. The clothes you buy from Broer & Zus are of good quality, made under good conditions and durable. The clothing must fit comfortably and be easy to wear by several children. We like it best when children run out of the store with their favorite item of clothing on. Can you still remember your favorite sweater or dress from the past?



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